EC Owners Direct

Don’t take our word for it . . . The average Franchisee has been associated with EC for over 20 years. They know better than anyone whether or not the results exist.

Listen to their comments on various aspects of Environment Control and why they have chosen to spend their lives here.

  1. As a child, what did you dream of becoming?
  2. What has EC meant to your personal, family, and career life?
  3. What does “It’s About Lives” mean to you?
  4. What would you tell someone considering the EC franchise opportunity?
  5. Based on your experience, what makes the EC opportunity unique?
  6. As an EC owner, what is your relationship with the franchisor?
  7. Potential owners ask, “How do you get new customers?” What would you tell them about sales?

Invest in your life . . . not just in a business.

Environment Control has proven to be more than a financially rewarding career. It also offers the opportunity for personal growth with the encouragement to positively influence the lives of employees, customers, and vendors.

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