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From our experience, an individual should have these minimum qualifications to consider the Environment Control opportunity:

  • Due to the demands of starting and building a commercial cleaning business, the optimum age is 25 - 45 years old (suggested, but not required).
  • A minimum of $55,000* in available capital combined with a minimum net worth of $150,000.*
  • The financial ability to purchase at least 60 percent of ownership in the franchise. (It is also the purchaser’s responsibility to find investors for the remaining franchise ownership.)
  • The drive to implement EC’s sales program to secure a growing base of customers.
  • Five years of work experience preferably in a management or sales role.
  • A self-starter energized by challenge and responsibility.
  • A family supportive of owning and building a new business.
*For a "Metropolitan" Franchise opportunity.


Environment Control's franchise opportunity is not for everyone. It best fits the person who has made five decisions about themselves and their future.

  • I want to be my own boss, but value EC's experience and proven franchise development system.
  • I can make the required financial investment to purchase an EC franchise.
  • I have the confidence to market myself and my service to potential customers.
  • I am energized by the challenge, responsibility, and perseverance required to build a business.
  • I understand that the commercial cleaning industry is not glamorous, but it can provide financial stability and a unique opportunity to have a positive influence on my community.


If you are ready to find out more about Environment Control’s Franchise Program, contact us to request more information. A representative will contact you to answer your initial questions and provide access to additional information on Environment Control’s:

. . . Business Development Plan

. . . Franchise Opportunities and Costs

. . . Critical EC Support Services

. . . Financing Options

Only you can decide what is best for your life. What EC will do is provide honest, clear, and complete answers to all your questions. Contact us today to find out if your life includes a career with Environment Control. Contact us

Invest in your life . . . not just in a business.

Environment Control has proven to be more than a financially rewarding career. It also offers the opportunity for personal growth with the encouragement to positively influence the lives of employees, customers, and vendors.

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